Fix-it Nights 

Tacoma Tool Library hosts WEEKLY Fix-it Nights on Thursday evenings from 4pm - 5:30pm where community members can get items fixed for FREE. Learn more at

Two Tool Lending Services

Curbside Pick-up and Drop-off with Tool Reservations

Reserve tools online through your TTL MyTurn membership account. Select a pick-up day when we are open on either Wednesday or Saturday, add tools to your cart, and complete the reservation. Show up at the tool library on the date you selected, and your tool order will be ready and waiting for you. Sign into your account here.

In-person Tool Lending Appointments 

Appointments are available only on Saturdays from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. During your in-person appointment, a tool librarian will show you around the tool library and help you find the tools for your project. These appointments are great for new members who are not as familiar with the tool inventory and/or need to sign up to become a member in-person. Schedule an appointment online here.

A Few Lending Reminders…

  • Electric garden tools are in high demand! We want to keep these tools available for members, so when checking out remember that – all electric garden tools have a 7-day loan period and are not renewable, such as electric mower, electric string trimmer, electric rototiller, electric pressure washer, electric hedger and electric blower.
  • Clean tools make for a happy tool librarian! Help us out by checking the condition of the tools when you return: brush off any grass debris, dump out contents in vacuum bag, wash off paint, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about new operations from the Main Branch TPL location:

  • Face masks - Masks are encouraged to be worn during curbside service and inside the tool library.
  • Donations - We are now back to accepting large donations of general tools, with two exceptions: 1) no gas-powered tools, and 2) No stationary tools (large tools that are not portable)


The Tacoma Tool Library continues to be a member-supported organization. Some memberships will need to be renewed prior to reserving tools this year. To assist with how the process works, we have a Member Resource page on our website. You will also find short step-by-step videos at the bottom of the page to help with:

  • reserving tools
  • joining for the first time
  • renewing memberships, changing your membership support level, and updating contact information